About Me

Avid hobby photographer, i shoot for my own sake, and no one elses. I started photography in 2016, where i bought my first camera, a Sony A6000, which was a cheap(ish) option to get started. The reason for buying the camera, was me sitting in a big big sports arena, where my daugther for the first time ever was participating in the national championships in Cheerleading, and i was not able to get a single decent image (distance and light) with my mobile camera. Next day i went out and bought the sony. And a month after my daugther quit cheeleading 🙂 So i had to figure out what i would then use the camera for. I used the Sony for about a year, before i made the switch to Fujifilm X-T2. I love the analogue buttons and the color of Fujifilm Cameras, and now own several fuji cameras.

  • X-T2
  • X-Pro1
  • X-100f

The Last year i also started shooting analog film, i love the slow move of film, everything is deliberate (and expensive 🙂 ). And i have Gas, so have gathered quite the amount of analog cameras, both 35mm and Medium format, that will show up on this blog.

☁ IT Pro Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Power Platform . Working as Enterprise Architect at MHI Vestas Offshore building a greener future with sustainable offshore wind engergy.

♥ My job, ☕ and 📷

Contact info:

Email: anders AT keis-hansen.dk

Skype anders.keis AT gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anders_keis/

twitter : http://twitter.com/anders_keis

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Er I beslægtet med famillien Keis på Nebøllegård i Nr. Alslev.

    Venlig hilsen
    Hanne Keis Pommer

  2. Kære Hanne
    Jeg hedder Elin Kühl og er født Keis. Min far hed Otto keis og blev født som yngste søn i 1889. Han døde i 1937. Otto havde 7 søskende en pige, resten drenge, alle født på Nebøllegård, børn af proprietær Keis. Jeg selv er født i 1923, har to døtre, to børnebørn og 4 oldebørn.

    Venligst Elin Kühl

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