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Beetle grave yard with Bronica SQ-AI og Fuji Pro 400

Another day, another day with new images. This is actually some of my favorite images shot on film. Its a damn weird place. Its placed in a small forest, close to a larger road near Aalborg, Denmark, but its really … Continue reading

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Trip with Bronica SQ-AI + Lomography 800

Another day, another blogpost, lets see how long I can hold that up that pace. But that’s ok, I write this because I love taking pictures of any kind, and I like experimenting with many different kinds of camera gear, … Continue reading

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A summer town in winter + a lot of cameras :)

This gallery contains 29 photos.

Talk about a day, where things go, not really as intended. Sitting here a Saturday evening in March, scanning negatives from January, cause things in analog photography takes the time it takes, enjoying a cold beer, and remembering a special … Continue reading

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Analogue trip to “The Horse shoe”

Finally got some pictures developed from a small excursion to a place named as in the head line, “The Horse shoe” i have no idea why its called that. But its a small weird place, nudged in between large power … Continue reading

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Morning Light in Covid-19 times

Its a weird world these days, and for +2 weeks i have been working from home, im lucky i can ! I usually pendle around 3 hours a day. But these days i have time to go out in the … Continue reading

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