Trip with Bronica SQ-AI + Lomography 800

Another day, another blogpost, lets see how long I can hold that up that pace. But that’s ok, I write this because I love taking pictures of any kind, and I like experimenting with many different kinds of camera gear, cause I’m a G.A.S driven nerd! I love both the tools and the output, and in my world that goes fine hand in hand.

This “pretty” plant is called “Nordjyllands Værket” located at the coast of “Limfjorden” in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark. Its the local power/heating plant, combined running mostly on coal ;( , and its the main theme of this little photo excursion.

Below you will find a collection of pictures from the day. All taken with the Bronica and Lomography 800.

Learnings: I have not tried the 120 version in tungsten light, but the 35mm version gets a greenish cast, that I find rather cool, but absolutely not natural colors. Another thing to watch out for is light leaks with this film, you really have to roll it up tight when you are done, and keep it in a dark place to avoid them.

I quite like the muted colorcast and the nice controlled grain, and details are pretty good. Its not as good as Portra 400/800 or Fujis pro series, but its nice with a highspeed film that is actually affordable. If you can get it that is, its sold out everywhere I have access to.

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