Beetle grave yard with Bronica SQ-AI og Fuji Pro 400

Another day, another day with new images. This is actually some of my favorite images shot on film. Its a damn weird place. Its placed in a small forest, close to a larger road near Aalborg, Denmark, but its really hard to see from the road. I knew it was supposed to be there, but we still managed to miss it a couple of times. If there was leaves on the trees we would never have found it.

I don’t know the story behind the place, I tried finding some information online, but no luck. Looks like some hermit used to live there perhaps, but it is in total ruin now. A couple of rusted camping wagons, a small totally trashed shed, and then a whole lot of rusted beetles.

Pictures all shot on my untrusty Bronica SQ-AI + My first real try with Fuji Pro 400h. Developed at lab, and scanned at home on my Epson 550.

Film Learnings: This is an amazing film, color, details and grain is just out of this world. You know why its a “Premium” film. This is a 400 Film, but I shot it at 200, after good advice

If I could afford it, this would be one of my go to films, but for now, I’m saving the rest, for a some special occasion! 🙂 But Damnnnnnn its good.

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