Photo train trip part 4, Skagen

Last stop of the day, and the conclusion of our Photo Train trip, from Hjørring to Skagen :). We arrived to Skagen late afternoon, with daylight quickly fading,as it does here in Scandinavia in the wintertime. And even though the weather was grey, it was windy like h…., its still a nice experiece rolling into Skagen, through a beautiful landscape, where you know the sea is right behind the dunes. And you are greeted by the beautiful old train station in Skagen, which welcomes you to the city First pictures here, all shot with Fujifilm X-100F I don’t have many … Continue reading Photo train trip part 4, Skagen

Analogue trip to “The Horse shoe”

Finally got some pictures developed from a small excursion to a place named as in the head line, “The Horse shoe” i have no idea why its called that. But its a small weird place, nudged in between large power plant across the water, and large industry on both side. Its located on the coast of the “Limjord” in the nothern part of Denmark, near my hometown of Aalborg. But its a small piece of nature in between all the industrial ugliness where people can access a small beach with good swimming possibilities. There is even an official snorkel lane, … Continue reading Analogue trip to “The Horse shoe”