Photo train trip part 3, Frederikshavn

Train Photo trip part 3. If you missed the first 2, you can see part 1, or part 2. Where you also get the short story behind the trip 🙂

Last station was Kvissel, and last me and Jim boarded the Train to Frederikshavn. I had changed film in the camera, and was now shooting the Leica M5 with some Lomography 400 film, one of my favourite films all around.

Arrival to Frederikshavn

We arrived to the city of Fredrikshavn around dinnertime, and that was the foremost thing in our head at the time, we were HUNGRY 🙂 . So the first couple of shots, were us searching the town for something to eat on a sunday in a corona empty town, and getting a few good shots. Loved the sun hitting the green wall in the tunnel, but did under expose the picture a bit, the danger of spot metering the highlights.

After some dinner we to a trip to the harbour to get some pictures of a “real” working harbour. For me it was a bit down memory lane, as my dad used to work at the big Ship Yard(Called Danyard) there, before it closed down in 1999 and my father retired. There still is smaller ship yards and lot of repair working going on, so lots of life on the harbour, even a sunday in october 🙂

The pictures are shot on Lomography 400 with the Leica M5, and my little Fuji X-100F,

After that it was back to the station, and onward to our final destination Skagen, the most northern City in Denmark 🙂 Cya in next post

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2 Responses to Photo train trip part 3, Frederikshavn

  1. Tobias Mann says:

    Lovely photo walk. I shouldn’t be surprised you managed to capture some lovely shots all along your journey. Lomography 400 isn’t one I’ve shot before, but I’ve heard good things. At least in the states Lomography film is generally as expensive as Pro films like Portra and Ektar and constantly out of stock, so I’ve stuck with Kodak and Fuji for the most part.

    After seeing these results, I’ll definitely have to check it out, even if its just to review it.


    • keis says:

      Thank you for your read and comment Tobias, and hmmm, Lomography is one of the cheapest films i can get here in europe. Usually buy the directly from the Lomography shop, the 400 and 100 film has been available for a long time here, and the 800 just got back in stock, so i bought in big on that 🙂 They are some of my all time favourite budget(in europe at least) film. Hope you find some !

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