The abandoned peat factory

Todays expedition went to an old Peat factory in the Northern part of Jutland in Denmark, its actually on the Kommunes homepage for tourists

Kaas Briketfabrik (patent fuel) was builded in 1925 in the moor of Lundergaard.
Ib Nyboe got the idea to make hard pressed briquettes, which was more profitable to carry across bigger areas. During 2. World War, as the factory was producing at highest level, about 600 men worked in the factory.
In April 1966 the factory closed, because of crossing to other forms of fuel and lack of moorearth.
Today the factory is derelichted.
Visit her for more info and guided tour

Its a place with quite a history, and 2 men were killed in a big explosion in 1933, and its a big part of the small town, even here, almost 100 years later. Its a place where you should be very cautious, it can fall down around you, and lots of tricky holes in floors and walls. But its a dream place for a photographer with a passion for abandoned places.

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