Morning walk in Noerresundby with expired film (Agfa Vista 400)

Digging in to my to-do list on film scanning 🙂 (Scanned 5, only missing to scan 20 more!). So this popped up last night, a morning walk with a good photo friend to experience the fantastic morning light. I was shooting my trusty Nikon F4, with a nifty fifty, and some expired Agfa Vista 400 from 20003. These pictures are pretty much straight out of the scanner, scanned with the Agfa Vista 400 profile in Silverfast, and a small exposure adjustment (was slightly overexposed, but i always do that with film).

The film is a 400 speed but, but it was shot at 100, 2 stops over exposed. 1 Stop would have been enough i think, but better safe than sorry, and i like the result, it has the film look i like, This is almost my last roll of that film, and im gonna miss it!

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