Roadtrip on the east coast of Northern Jutland with Leicaflex SL and Fomapan 200

A couple of weeks ago, it was up in a town called Sæby, on the North East part of Jutland, Denmark. That is where my parents live , and they needed some help around the house, And that was a good excuse for a road trip, i took the long scenic route around along the water.

I also needed an excuse to test out my new Leicaflex SL, that a childhood friend gave me, i will tell that story later. I also started rolling my own film, hence the light leaks you see, had a little mishap with the bulk loader. But now i think i have it under control 🙂

So one of the first rolls of film i shot with homerolled Fomapan on my Leica 🙂 Homescanned and developed

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