The Christmas lights is turning on in Zoo :)

Yesterday we were celebrating my fathers in laws 79 birthday, and by his wish we are in Aalborg (Denmark) Zoo for the turning on of the Christmas lights. I have not been in Zoo since the children was small, so did not really know what to expect, but just nearing the entrance, it quickly became apparent what we had in store.

The Christmas spirit certainly quickly arrived with this spectacle, you would not know you were in zoo, but thinking you just have arrived in fairy land, but that was about to change quickly 🙂

Christmas dinosaurs, i really was not expecting that 🙂 but it was a a great spectacle, and we were just hit by the first snow they day before, so we had the perfect the setting for dinosaurs with a Christmas vibe in the snow 🙂

A great day, to get in the christmas spirit with my family !

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