Visiting the local school, that was abandoned

Almost 5 years ago, one of the local schools in Nørresundby, Denmark was closed du to many different reasons. It had a bad reputation, so parents was placing the kids in other schools anyway, and it had to undergo a serious and expensive renovations, as toxic building materials has been used in the construction of the school back in the day. For some strange reason it still hosts the School Dentist, and that is still operating in a functioning wing of the school. Probably it will be moved when a new school is ready in 2025 (Its delayed, surprise :))

Today we took a walk there, to see how it fared.

Its still closed down, and alarms & cameras are active around the school, so its not totally vandalized, but still its starting to look like something from a Zombie movie, not a place you want to be at night. But i find the decay pleasing in pictures in some way, probably why im into urbexing.

Its pretty close to where i live, but i have never really visited until today, and hey i like the pictures i got, even on a grey february day.

Righth next to the school we found this little bicycle training ground, that i despite living here for the last almost 20 year, never knew existed, but im going to visit it someday on my Mountain Bike ! 🙂 It looks fun, small but fun. The good thing about a local photo walk, you find places.

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