The grave yard after the german refugee camps in Denmark after WW2.

At yesterdays photo trip, we came by this place at Grove, near Karup in Denmark which is wherfe some of the last remnants of World War 2 is in Denmark, and it clearly shows some of the horrible signs of war, a lot of small children dying very young, when they tried to escape the war and the fighting between the german and russian forces in a very cold winter with down to -25 degrees. Up to 250.000 german refugees ended up in camps in Denmark after the war for a couple of years between 1945-1949.

This is is one out of 34 cementaries, where all the german graves was gathered for easier maintenance, and making it possible for relatives to visit.  “Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge” was the ones who paid for it, and still maintain the sites, sometimes with help from students.

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