Hell of a week

Well this has been a hell week for me. Started out great last weekend, had some friends coming by fora BBQ, clanmates, came all the way from England & Sweden, had a blast of an evening, lots of good beerand good meat, and the weather was nice, so we sat out most of the night. When i woke up sunday morningi thought i broke my toe, was hurting like hell. Put some ice on and waited a day, see if it would goaway, it dident :(. Spend all monday at doctor, waiting for xray etc etc, nothing broken. Hmm weird, wenthome, and it actually started to get better weehaa, my friends from England came by wednesday evening, hada few beers, very cosy.

Wednesday night i woke up screaming of pain in the foot again. Doom from thedoctor = Podagra, ffs old mans disease :(. So for the next time = No meat, no coffee, no beer, no fatfood. Uffff. But well i might loose some kilos, and believe me its motivating with the pain. SO suckyweek from hell.On the bright side i had to sit still with legs up, so i got started on some c#, made a videoplayer 🙂

/Anders Out

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