Hell of a week

Well this has been a hell week for me. Started out great last weekend, had some friends coming by fora BBQ, clanmates, came all the way from England & Sweden, had a blast of an evening, lots of good beerand good meat, and the weather was nice, so we sat out most of the night. When i woke up sunday morningi thought i broke my toe, was hurting like hell. Put some ice on and waited a day, see if it would goaway, it dident :(. Spend all monday at doctor, waiting for xray etc etc, nothing broken. Hmm weird, … Continue reading Hell of a week


Ok, starting again 🙂 Long day, started out early, had to drive 120 km to work, working another place this week, designing a new intranet/extranet for work, so im working with som extern partners coextant.dk proactive.dk, implementing MS Sharepoint portal server for Intranet, and Hypernet for extranet, exiting project, but hate the long drive :). Driving home i went to a product demonstration by HP, hosted at a good restaurant, with free food & beer he he, always helps, this is the restaurant. http://www.styggekrumpen.dk Right now couch time. Night all Continue reading Working