Vaerket – Street art gallery in decay – Kentmere 400

A little look at the local street art gallery in Nørresundby where i live, that closed a couple of years ago, and since have gone very much down hill sadly, but still very photogenic in my eyes. Guessing it will be torn down soon. I found the following description of the site online, it only reached to be open a year or so i think, before it became to hazardous. But there was some spectacular street art in that short intense period.

Since we opened in August of 2016, Værket has continued to offer street artists a creative space to experiment, refine and showcase their craft for the community. Sheltered from the elements, in the heart of Nørresundby, guests can always expect something new upon every visit. Through MAK:VRK, Værket is able to offer courses and workshops, in our open facilities, where anyone with an idea and a spray can are welcome to try your hands at spray painting. A truly unique space for those who finds themselves interested in experiencing the local street art culture

This is the first series i shot some weeks ago, but just got around to developing now. Its shot on my Nikon F4 + 50mm 1.8+ Kentmere 400 which is my favourite budget BW film. It goes great with this kind of scenarie, where things are close.

I just did a follow up session in color with my medium format Bronica SQ-Ai, that i will post in a couple of weeks, when i get it developed 🙂

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