Vaerket – Street art gallery in decay – Kentmere 400

A little look at the local street art gallery in Nørresundby where i live, that closed a couple of years ago, and since have gone very much down hill sadly, but still very photogenic in my eyes. Guessing it will be torn down soon. I found the following description of the site online, it only reached to be open a year or so i think, before it became to hazardous. But there was some spectacular street art in that short intense period. “Since we opened in August of 2016, Værket has continued to offer street artists a creative space to … Continue reading Vaerket – Street art gallery in decay – Kentmere 400

Urban exploring

So its time for a reboot of this blog, its now dedicated to my hobby, which is photography, both film and digital. Lets see if i can keep it up, the pace that is. I have been doing photography for almost 4 years now, so thought it was time to have a place to share what i do. Recently i was out with a friend, doing some exploring of abandoned places, and we found some great places in my hometown of Aalborg, Denmark. This is the analog part of it, also shot some digital, which i will post later on. … Continue reading Urban exploring