Overexposed Portra 400 look, with free Lightroom Preset for Fujifilm Cameras.

I’m pretty fascinated with how over exposed Portra 400 look on film, and i have been experimenting with how, i get that look on of my Fuji cameras (It might work on other brands, have not tested) . Its not a total replica, and you cannot just take any image and apply it, but it helps with some settings, if you provide an image that has the right lighting.

  1. First download the v1 here or v2 here(Google how to install a preset)
  2. Shoot a slightly overexposed images 1/2-1 stop depending on light, works best with objects in sunlight
  3. Morning light is just better 🙂
  4. Import the image to Lightroom, i adjust the base image to Fuji Chrome, so that is the base for the preset.
  5. Apply the preset, and adjust to your image.
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