Vestre fjordpark on X-Pro1 and X100f

Vestre fjordpark, or the old new name “Friluftsbadet” which means something like free air bath. Right now its almost drained on seawater, while getting cleaned for the new season. The area is a iconic part of Aalborgs history, where many daredevils took the first step onto the awe inspiring 10 meter jump, both legal at at day, and illegal at night. It all started in 1930, where some sand was pumped out into the “Limfjord”, and some floating bathing bridges, a restaurant and some ice cream sale was established as recreation for the common people of Aalborg. The area was … Continue reading Vestre fjordpark on X-Pro1 and X100f

Fjordbyen on X-Pro1 and X100f

If you ever find your self in Aalborg, in the northern part of Jutland, you should do yourself the favor and visit “Fjordbyen”. Its a funny little place, where there is room for everybody. Its a small gathering of small home build cottages, where the only rule is, if you can agree with your neighbor, you can build it. That rule has resulted in some truly spectacular buildings. Its a place where there is room for everyone. Enjoy and stay safe! Continue reading Fjordbyen on X-Pro1 and X100f

A walk through Aalborg with X-Pro1

Sometimes its just time for a quiet walk through town. There is no theme or project, just a bunch of pictures i liked 🙂 And some times that is plenty for a blog post. Was just sitting here thinking about photo projects… Haven’t really done any of of those yet, still struggling to find a subject that i actually find worthy of a project, or at least can keep me interested for some amount of time. So until then, here is a bunch of pictures that i find appealing ! Continue reading A walk through Aalborg with X-Pro1