I’m selling my Pentax 645, so time to play with product photography

That special time in a mans life, when you discover you have to many cameras :). I love my Pentax , but i bought to many cameras, and something has to go, and with that lens, its REALLY Heavy. I love the picture quality it delivers, but as many others i’m not fan of the button controls. They work fine, but they are not fast or intuitive. When you first pick it up, you might think its broken, because you are not able to change a lot of settings. Then you start googling, until you find a blog post like this, that tells you that you need a film loaded to change a lot of the settings.

I actually just sold it, so this is my goodbye pictures 🙂 Shot with a bit of black card board as background, and a single soft box on my Fuji film X-H1. And i am actually pretty happy with the result. Farewell my beautiful Pentax 645 and my heavy 80-160 zoom 🙂

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