A tale of Leica and wine

Recently i was out with a good photo buddy of mine, who you can find here http://www.kaarebak.dk/ amazing photographer!

And as all good days, it starts with wine. Just kidding 🙂 But i was allowed to take some photos at https://quistwine.dk/ where Kim(The Owner) treated us to some small tasting of some fantastic wines, and yes i bought a case :). Its a great place, with some unique wines they import themselves (he and his wife), and the passion just shines through, he loves what he is doing. I love when you can feel that ! I love photography and cloud computing ! 🙂

We were supposed to shoot a lot more that day, but ended up spending a good amount of time, tasting some fantastic wine.

Shot on Leicaflex SL+ 50 Summicron + 90 Elmarit

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