Roadtrip pictures with the Olympus MJU II + some Mobile :)

In late June i was on a road trip to a little photo walk arranged by some good people from the danish Fuji Group on Facebook( I shot analog and Henrik Shot Nikon, we just like pictures :)) . Next post will be about the photo walk itself.

But this is a short resume of how we got there. Me and the good Henrik you see in the pictures took the long scenic route down through Denmark, while the rain poured down all the way.

Around evening time, the hunger started gnawing, and Henrik found the perfect place for a First stop. We wanted a good old road Inn and we found it on Bregninge Kro (Kro means Inn in danish). Excellent place, that has not been renovated since the 80…. 🙂 It was a total trip down Memory lane on hows Inns used to look, no fast food! but Cheap food, and plenty of it, if you enjoy the original danish food, thats a little on the traditional side 🙂 The last picture is the danish National Course, “Stegt Flæsk and Persillesovs”

Next stop on the Road trip was in “Spodsbjerg” a little ferry town on “Langeland”, where we had to spend some time waiting for a ferry on a gray and rainy day. Me and Henrik went a little crazy when we saw the colorful fish boxes on that gray day 🙂 We had a blast, and i really love how the little Mju2 handled everything, its weather sealed, and i really dig how the the colors of the Lomo 400 film turned out in that gray dim light.

Last step on the road trip was the ferry to “Lolland”, we could have taken the fast highway, but this was slow and authentic, and i loved every minute of it 🙂

I love the Olympus MJU 2 as a b-cam ! 🙂 Stay safe out there !

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