Foggy mornings on film

Thank you to my friend @Kaare Bak, who just did his piece on foggy mornings which you can see right here, it motivated me to write this small blogpost.

Autumn has arrived, and when you live close to the harbour, like i do. Some wonderful mornings are here. FOG mornings. First you wake up a bit early and look out the window, and see this. Sun is up, and the delicious fog is in the air.

View from my house, the grand old tree is from the local priest house.

You jump into your trousers, grap your camera, which i hope was the Leicaflex, but it might have been the Olympus MJU 2, not super sure. Scanned the film today, with a lot of other films, and my note taking skills seems to be lacking :). I like taking pictures, not notes ! 🙂

Im really not a morning person, i keep telling myself that, even though it wake up earlier and earlier each year. But such a morning is just a magic moment, the town is almost quiet, the light is fantastic, this is really mother nature showing her good side. And then you arrive at the water front, where you enter a fairy tale world of magic and light. Then i start believing in magic!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, cya next time

Leicaflex + 50mm Summicron(I Hope :)) + Kodak 200 homescanned in Epson V550.

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