Black and White March part IIII

A small walk with the X-100VI, i have been watching a lot of youtube videos lately to try and improve my street photography skills

The first two pictures here, is a good example of what i have been using for a long time, go where the light is, and work with light and shadow, which i still like to do a lot, nice simple pictures, which is more or less my trademark by now, and thats probably why im trying to do “more” now

I the next two pictures here i tried to work with “framing” my subjects in with elements in the foreground, while still have light/shadow in play.

Last technique of the day, working with ICM in Architecture shooting, i do have a person in the buttom frame, but he is not so visible, but i like the picture, especially since it one i have shot a thousand times, and is quite boring, ICM inserts something “fresh” i can work with.

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