Black and White March part V

I don’t always go out with a plan, actually i rarely do, but these pictures are from a trip out with some friends for a good dinner during Easter. And i just grabbed the little Ricoh GRIIIx on my way out of the house, and showed it in my pocket, cause it actually fits in a pocket, which for me still is its main selling point, beyond taking really good pictures. Maybe i will get some shots, maybe i wont, but the best camera is the one you have with you !

On the way to the restaurant where i had a like 30 minutes walk, from my house to the city center, i accidentally took on of my recent favorite shots in a long time 🙂 A girl sitting on the stairs, behind the famous party street of my hometown Aalborg “Jomfru Ane Gade”, where all the bars have their behind the scenes in a fenced of area. The weird pattern in the right side is reflections in the fence I’m shooting through

I grabbed a few other shots on the way also, but not in the same league in my totally subjective opinion, but i like the gritty Hard Monotone from the little Ricoh, and they were all warmup shuts, which is actually something i do, start taking pictures in the beginning, just to get into the mindset where i actually see the scenes i want to capture.

This last picture i actually do like a a little, i like that i have a nice foreground, and i tried to “frame” the person walking on the street, in the nice ray of sun that broke out suddenly on a gray day, but didn’t totally succeed, aka i was to slow ! or i could not see the Ricoh screen in the sunlight 🙂

The restaurant, and the following bar visit, also rendered a couple of decent shots, that i really like. Black and White shooting, is good at conveying mood of a place

So what can you learn from this, not much, but bring a camera, if taking pictures makes you happy, just a little bit ! 🙂

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