Photo walk i Noerresundby

Was out recently with a photo buddy, to make some good use of a quiet saturday with great weather (Sun and good weather have been in great demand this gray wet winter) , in my hometown of Noerresundby, Denmark. There was no plan, just get out and shoot some pictures. I was shooting both my medium format Bronica SQ-AI and my trusty Fujifilm X100f. The shots in this small gallery is all from the X100F, the shots from the Bronica, will come at some point 🙂 Thats the good and bad thing about analog photography, it takes the time it … Continue reading Photo walk i Noerresundby

Covid-19 walk through Aalborg day 4

The danish Covid-19 lockdown does not really take effect before monday, but since thursday all schools closed down and most public workplaces, except critical public functions shutdown. On the surface the town looks the same, a little more empty perhaps. But when you approach the windows, you see small notices in many shop windows, restaurant windows, bar windows. That everything has shut down for the next 14 days at least, im guessing it will be a lot longer…. But hoping for the best. Good luck out there, both in Aalborg and everywhere else in the world Continue reading Covid-19 walk through Aalborg day 4