My first public Github script is posted for optimizing images on this blog :)

I had the issue of this blog, that it was created over many many years, with years of inactivity also, that many off the pictures were pretty large and not optimized for any web usage. Huge pictures of +15 megabyte takes a loong time to load on slower connections. There are at the current count 6750 pictures in a many different folders under the /upload folder in WordPress. So getting to them one by one would take for ever. But at the moment im taking an online Python course, which i very much recommend by the way ! 100 days of code

You can find it here.

So after some time on the course, it came to me that with the knowledge i have learned so far, and some searching on StackOverflow and Google i could couple something together myself with the help of the Python Pillow Library which has a lot of functions for manipulating images πŸ™‚

So the pictures are now optimized, and you can find the script here on my Github profile. Take a copy down of your /upload folder it Github and try on your own risk πŸ™‚ Do a backup before, IT WILL OVERWRITE YOUR PICTURES! it should ignore anything it cannot optimize. And then re upload to your blog again. Works with any pictures folder, but only tested it on Linux, so good luck πŸ™‚

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Migrated blog from to my own servers in the basement :)

Well i needed i project to geek out on a little, cause i bought at little home NUC for my home, and needed a project for it, and i was tired of not having enough disk space on for my pictures for the blog. And i wanted to geek out a little and actually build something i liked

The specs for the little monster NUC is:

NUC10I7FNH Frost Canyon,
i7-10710U, 6 cores, 12 threads,
64GB RAM (2×32)
Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB (m.2) og Samsung SSD 960 EVO 2TB.

And it now runs Proxmox for virtual Machines and Linux containers, and the moment i just run the a couple of Linux containers, and is connected to my old Synology, which runs InfluxDB and Grafana for metrics from the Proxmos System. And its all hooked up via Cloudfare for secure publication and easy access.

So you might expect a little writeup/guide on how i set it up. Working on the security part, as im suddenly running it all myself again πŸ™‚

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Photo train trip part 4, Skagen

Last stop of the day, and the conclusion of our Photo Train trip, from HjΓΈrring to Skagen :). We arrived to Skagen late afternoon, with daylight quickly fading,as it does here in Scandinavia in the wintertime. And even though the weather was grey, it was windy like h…., its still a nice experiece rolling into Skagen, through a beautiful landscape, where you know the sea is right behind the dunes. And you are greeted by the beautiful old train station in Skagen, which welcomes you to the city

First pictures here, all shot with Fujifilm X-100F

I don’t have many pictures from Skagen it self, it deserves a post and a day of Photo by it self, it is a beautiful old town, where the most of the houses in the city is kept in the old style, with yellow wall and red brick roofs. You can read about the town here on wikipedia. We just headed straight to there harbour, where there were some light. Old Skagen is actually famous for its “light” which has attracted many painters through the years. But this day we had grey and flat November light, so we headed towards the harbour, to get some lighting and perhaps a small dose of that famous light, and also the town itself was damn empty, corona+november+sunday is understandable not the most busy day of the year.

First four pictures shot with the Fujifilm X-100F, the rest in this section with the Leica M5+50mm Summicron + Fuji Superia 400

The harbour area, Skagen is a big fishing city, and it shows when you hit the harbour, the size of some of those boats… they are floating factories. It was grey, it was windy, so not the best photo weather, but still a good trip. My favourite picture is the first one, where i just took a quick shot in an empty auction hall (I guess that is what it was πŸ™‚ ).

All pictures taken with the Leica M5+50mm Summicron and some Fujifilm Superia 400 in this section.

We saw the light ! πŸ™‚ Just for a few minutes we saw the glow of the famous Skagen light!, or that is at least what we told our selves, cause it was the only light we saw ! he he.

Fujifilm X-100F

That concluded our Photo train trip for this time, we just got a a warm cup of coffee on the harbour, and headed back to the train station, where we took the train back to HjΓΈrring to pick up our cars.

Thank you to Jim for great company, and even though the weather was not the best, i had the best sunday in ages ! πŸ™‚ You can find all Jims webpage here, where he has created some amazing photos

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Photo train trip part 3, Frederikshavn

Train Photo trip part 3. If you missed the first 2, you can see part 1, or part 2. Where you also get the short story behind the trip πŸ™‚

Last station was Kvissel, and last me and Jim boarded the Train to Frederikshavn. I had changed film in the camera, and was now shooting the Leica M5 with some Lomography 400 film, one of my favourite films all around.

Arrival to Frederikshavn

We arrived to the city of Fredrikshavn around dinnertime, and that was the foremost thing in our head at the time, we were HUNGRY πŸ™‚ . So the first couple of shots, were us searching the town for something to eat on a sunday in a corona empty town, and getting a few good shots. Loved the sun hitting the green wall in the tunnel, but did under expose the picture a bit, the danger of spot metering the highlights.

After some dinner we to a trip to the harbour to get some pictures of a “real” working harbour. For me it was a bit down memory lane, as my dad used to work at the big Ship Yard(Called Danyard) there, before it closed down in 1999 and my father retired. There still is smaller ship yards and lot of repair working going on, so lots of life on the harbour, even a sunday in october πŸ™‚

The pictures are shot on Lomography 400 with the Leica M5, and my little Fuji X-100F,

After that it was back to the station, and onward to our final destination Skagen, the most northern City in Denmark πŸ™‚ Cya in next post

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Photo train trip part 2, Kvissel

This is part 2 of the photo train trip. For part one see here

It is sadly still Corona days, so when you take the train in Denmark, or any other kind of public transportation, mask is mandatory. This is my good Photo buddy Jim demonstrating how to look awesome for a corona times portrait (Leica M5, with 50mm Summicron + Kodak Ultramax 400). I really like the look of this!

Kvissel Train station, was the second stop of the trip. The light was not great, as usually in late autumn in Denmark, gray and flat. But we still had an awesome time taking pictures around the station. Kvissel is a small town with a population of around 395 people, so most of the town is centered around the station, which is probably also one of the things keeping this small sleepy town alive, cause not a lot was happening. Most of the pictures here are shot on the Leica M5, and a few on the Fujifilm X-100f.

Whats left of the doctors house, close to the station we found the old “Medical” house, where the town doctor used to live, the building was for sale, and i dont think a doctor is coming back to Kvissel any time soon. Fell for this litlle fellow who will be there for a long time in the waiting room, no kids are coming to play….

The town of Kvissel has seen better days, and the overall impresssion was of a small town, slowly dying. To many houses not being maintained.

The Church was probably the highlight of the town, a beautiful old Church that looked amazing in the autumn surroundings, and was very well maintained

Was fun to see Kvissel town, its not a place you would usually go, and that was the whole idea with that trip πŸ™‚ but after that it was back to the station and catch the train to our next destination Frederikshavn. Cya in the next post

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