A walk through Aalborg with X-Pro1

Sometimes its just time for a quiet walk through town. There is no theme or project, just a bunch of pictures i liked 🙂 And some times that is plenty for a blog post. Was just sitting here thinking about photo projects… Haven’t really done any of of those yet, still struggling to find a subject that i actually find worthy of a project, or at least can keep me interested for some amount of time. So until then, here is a bunch of pictures that i find appealing ! Continue reading A walk through Aalborg with X-Pro1

Pushed Portra 400 look on Fuji files

I love the look you get from Portra 400 when you overexpose it a stop or so on a sunny day, i love the slightly washed out colors, and the overall look, but its hard to acquire the film, and its damn expensive! So i have been experimenting in Lightroom to get that look on my fuji files (X100F, X-T2, X-Pro1), which are my all time favorite digital cameras. This is the first time i actually succeeded, well at least in my own opinion. Still waiting for a roll of the “real” stuff to compare. But its on the way, … Continue reading Pushed Portra 400 look on Fuji files

Tracks at the sea

After a long week working from home, and staying away from other people than my family, me and the camera took a much needed photon break at the sea. The place is a small coast town, or more a small gathering of summer houses called Rødhus, placed on the west coast of Denmark. At great place, and awesome beach. The pictures show some telltale signs that I’m participating in a Corona Photo Marathon (a Picture a day, while it lasts), and todays subject was “Spor” which is danish for “Tracks” one of those words that can mean many things. But … Continue reading Tracks at the sea

A late Christmas for the Utzon House

In the city of Aalborg we have our bit of Jørn Utzon, the famous danish architect behind the Sidney Opera House. In little Aalborg in Denmark we have his last piece of splendid arhcitecture, decorating the harbour front. From wikipedia: The Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark, was the last building to be designed by Jørn Utzon, the architect behind the Sydney Opera House. In collaboration with his son Kim who provided the final construction drawings, he planned the centre not as a museum but as a place where students of architecture could meet and discuss their ideas for the future.[1] Located on the Limfjord waterfront in the city where Utzon spent … Continue reading A late Christmas for the Utzon House

Photo walk i Noerresundby

Was out recently with a photo buddy, to make some good use of a quiet saturday with great weather (Sun and good weather have been in great demand this gray wet winter) , in my hometown of Noerresundby, Denmark. There was no plan, just get out and shoot some pictures. I was shooting both my medium format Bronica SQ-AI and my trusty Fujifilm X100f. The shots in this small gallery is all from the X100F, the shots from the Bronica, will come at some point 🙂 Thats the good and bad thing about analog photography, it takes the time it … Continue reading Photo walk i Noerresundby